Bloggers are Awesome.

Yesterday I met Jennifer from The Book Bar for lunch and we talked books, authors, blogs, and Common Core Standards. 

I first met Jennifer back in August. Desiree from The Book Bar had reviewed my first book, How He Really Feels, and in her review, she mentioned that she thought I was from the Phoenix area and invited me to happy hour. Never one to pass up a drink, I accepted, and the two proprietors of The Book Bar met me at Tempe Marketplace.

That first time, the three of us sat and chatted for THREE HOURS about all kinds of things. It was their first in-person author happy hour, and it was my first in-person blogger interview. We had so much fun, and I felt like I made two new friends all by chance because I had hit that magical PUBLISH button on Amazon. Here's what that looked like, by the way: 

I asked Desiree and Jennifer to beta read my second book, and they were both excited to do so. I got some good feedback, and then when Jennifer invited me to lunch to celebrate the release of my second book, What He Really Feels, I was super excited! We figured out a time to meet while she was off of work and while I was on fall break from my full time job as a high school English teacher. We hit up PF Changs and talked for almost three hours again! 

Here's what I learned from our lunch together: Bloggers really are on the side of the authors. I always knew that, but Jennifer confirmed that for me. I've heard so much negativity lately with bullying - authors bullying bloggers, bloggers bullying authors, etc, - that I just wanted to share my little story of positivity and encouragement. Most bloggers who review books do it because they love books. They love to read and they want to share that love with the people who follow their blogs. They want to help spread the word about authors who write books and characters that readers will fall in love with. They certainly don't do it for the money; they do it for the love of reading.

I loved listening to Jennifer's stories about the signing events (I am pretty sure she talked me into going to Naughy Mafia next year), blog tours, and books. We talked about books we've both read, and then we talked about Common Core Standards since she has two kids in school and I'm a teacher. We shared ideas and just had a great time. 

Oh, and Jennifer tried to get some info out of me for book three, Since He Really Feels, but my lips are sealed. 
Thanks for reading! XOXO

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