In the Spotlight: Liz Crowe (WTRAFSOG Box Set #3 Author)


Tell us a little about the book you have included in the What to Read after FSOG Gemstone Collection Three. Liz: House Rules is the prequel to my top selling STEWART REALTY series. It is the “Jack Gordon” story. Jack is the uber alpha of this group of folks that inhabit the series. I found myself spending a ton of time on other people’s back stories in the other books (there are 9 total) and relaying Jack’s back ground through their eyes. He deserved a book to himself, so he got one. I call it part Coming of Age / New Adult / BDSM / The Making of An Alpha…. LC_HouseRules

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Is this book part of a series? Liz: Yes, Stewart Realty



Do you have any other books that you have published? Liz: Sure do. Over 20 in all, with TriDestiny Publishing, Ellora’s Cave and Decadent Publishing. I’m going to try my hand at self publishing next year. Right now I’m pumped to be promoting my soccer based series, The Black Jack Gentlemen. All 3 of those books are on sale


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When and why did you start writing? Liz: When: about 6 years ago. Why: I still don’t have a good answer for that. How long does it take you to write a book? Liz: Depends. But my longest novel Good Faith, which is ostensibly the final novel of the Stewart Realty series (I have fans lobbying hard for a sequel) was 220,000 words and took me about 8 weeks. I don’t recommend doing it that way however. I still have period of my life I can’t recall during that time. GoodFaith

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Are your characters or stories based on real people or completely made up? Liz: I write fiction. I make shit up for a living or at least try to. Do your character names just come to you? Or do you have to think about them? Liz: A little bit of both. I have had some names and characters pop fully formed into my frontal lobe. Other names I sometimes change or have to fiddle with it. How do you come up with your titles? Liz: If they are soccer books I use phrases appropriate to that world (Red Card, Shut Out, etc.). The Stewart Realty books all have real estate phrases as their titles. I was a realtor once upon a time. I am a fan of 2-word titles, you will notice. Mutual_Release

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Is there a routine you have before you settle down to write? Liz: No routine. In my world I write whenever the muse strikes. I’ve been known to concoct novels in airports, on my back patio and in my office. Does your family know what you write? Liz: Absolutely. And Liz is my real name even. What would you do if your grandmother said she wanted to read your book? Liz: Give her a copy of one of them although it would be tough. She’s dead.  


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  While You Write:   Favorite Snack Food? Beer   Drink of Choice? Beer   Music or Silence? Music   Biggest Distraction? More beer   Lighting Round:   Favorite Game Show? I have no idea.   Favorite Reality Show? Don’t watch unless the The Voice counts.   Favorite 90s Band? Foo Fighters (still are)   Whiskey or Vodka? Bourbon   Favorite Song? Depends on my mood but I’m good with anything Eminem writes.   Favorite book growing up? Gone With the Wind

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