Random Ramblings: The New Normal

Dear Readers,

“Is the ‘G’ in ‘G-spot’ capitalized?”

“Which word is more disgusting: moist or juicy? Like if I said ‘She was moist,’ is that worse than, ‘She was juicy’?”

“Who should I post as the last hottie of the week?”

If anyone else heard the conversations that happen in my house between my husband and me, I can’t even imagine what they’d say.

But this is our new normal.

For the record, the answer to the questions above are yes, juicy, and Pedro Soltz.

This only scratches the surface of our daily conversations, particularly when I’m writing. My “office” is the kitchen table, so even though we have an actual office, my laptop sits where I should sit for dinner. It’s close to the TV, so while my husband catches up on the latest episode of some self-storage show that includes auctions, I’m busy writing. It’s nice to be able to sit in the same space while we both do our own things, and the best part is that I have a super understanding and supportive husband.

Our walks with the dog have gone from talking about our days to talking about plotlines.

Hubs: “Cut the first dream sequence. It doesn’t fit.”

Me: “But I like the dream. It was one of the first things I wrote and I think it’s sexy.”

Hubs: “I think it’s weird.”

Me: “I think you’re weird.” (*maybe* a little sarcastically)

Truthfully my husband is the least weird person I know (don’t tell him that, though), but I get a little defensive when we’re talking about my writing sometimes. Okay, all the time. I’m a very lucky girl in that my husband not only helps me sketch out my ideas, but he is my first beta reader for everything I write. He’s not a huge reader, and certainly not a contemporary romance fan, but he does it for me.

I’ve spoken before about how much I’ve learned over the past seventeen months since I hit publish on my first book, How He Really Feels. The really interesting part is how much I’ve learned about my husband. We’ve been together since 1998, so I thought I knew it all. But what I’ve learned is that when one of us is reaching for our dreams, the other will always be there to lift, support, and love. He’s the one who researched self-publishing for me. He encouraged me. He read my books when I was too shy to share them with anybody else, and he believed in me so much that he thought I should give publishing a real try.

And if that’s my new normal, I’m a very happy girl.

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P.P.S. Here are some cute puppy pictures of puppies in love. 


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  1. Just downloaded your first trilogy books to my Kindle and am looking forward to reading them.