(Truth and Lies Duet Book One)
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Brian Fox is desperate for cash. When his business falls into debt, he turns yet again to his rock star brother. Only this time, his brother refuses to throw money at the problem...he intends to solve it. Enter Vivian Davenport, business fixer extraordinaire, supreme professional, and Brian’s new boss.

Brian has always called the shots, but now he’s the one taking orders. When the tiny lie that Vivian is his new girlfriend slips out, he’s forced to play the role of doting boyfriend to a woman he can’t stand. 

It started as a lie, but what happens if it turns into the truth?

(Truth and Lies Duet Book Two)
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When Brian Fox finally tells the truth, it costs him everything.

His company. His friends. The girl he loves.

He’s forced to start over, and it’s his brother who once again steps in. Working for a record label isn’t how he imagined his life when he owned a successful company, and life on the road only makes him long for everything the truth cost him.

How can he reclaim what was lost to the truth?

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